The Brouwer M1811 grip module corrects the main ergonomic issues with the p320 platform – high bore axis, rounded slippery grip, short beavertail. The modern M1911 pistol is the standard for shooting performance, control, and ergonomics. The overall grip shape, feel, and design of the modern 1911 has not been replicated until now. With the design of the SIG P320 series, we were able to bring some of that performance and control to polymer pistols.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 1.75 in

Black, Coyote

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  1. anthony b. (verified owner)

    Love the look and feel of the module, however it feels a little to tight for my FCU to properly fit In. I’m not sure if I maybe got one that was slightly off spec, or if this is how they all are, but after struggling to finally get it in, it requires tools to pry out the fcu from the module when I want to take it out. Other than that, I do enjoy the look and feel of the grip. I just wish it was a little better of a fit for the fcu like the original it came it which doesn’t require tools to pry it out.

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  2. Paul B. (verified owner)

    The fit is as expected, I enjoy the grip angle, but the texture is the main reason I am giving it only 3/5. I expected a more aggressive grip over the standard, but this is nearly smooth compared to the Sig grip shell.

    Image #1 from Paul B.
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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was a odd brake in period where my trigger wouldn’t reset 10% of the time then after I dry fired it about 100x started working but other then that feels good in the hand and amazing shooting experience I’ll be releasing a video on it this month @ammotax on YouTube

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  4. Devin M. (verified owner)

    Honestly the grip itself is perfect everything I wanted. However, I ordered the grip with the offset magazine release and received only the grip. Matthew was prompt to respond to my email and I’m grateful for that. However I now have a frame up build that I can’t shoot until the week after the holidays because of poor QC. So.. the module is 5/5, Matthew is 5/5, poor QC ruining my holiday plans with my new build 1/5.

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  6. Joshua P.

    Overall the finish is nice. Would have liked it to be tackier or a more aggressive grip texture from the factory but I see now they have the option to w hence the grip texture. It definitely feels good in the hand and points very naturally. Installation was a breeze but that’s to be expected. My only concern is that there is something off in the tolerances around the FCU and there is something causing the trigger to bind up and the grip module does not let the trigger reset properly. I’m going to have to heat it up or carefully smooth out the inside to allow for free movement of the trigger bar. Once that’s accomplished I will be extremely pleased with the grip. Good price point too.

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