M1811 Grip Module for Sig P320

The Brouwer M1811 Grip Module corrects the main ergonomic issues with the P320 platform – high bore axis, rounded slippery grip, short beavertail. The modern M1911 pistol is the standard for shooting performance, control, and ergonomics. The overall grip shape, feel, and design of the modern 1911 has not been replicated until now. With the design of the SIG P320 series, we were able to bring some of that performance and control to polymer pistols.

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Improved Handling:
The Brouwer P320 Grip Module greatly improves point of aim repeatability by utilizing ergonomics nearly identical to the 1911 grip angle. The front strap angle has been changed to 107.5 degrees, with a back strap angle of 67.5 degrees to cause the pistol to seat into the hand when gripped. This geometry aids the shooter by placing the bore axis in a natural position.

M1811 Grip Module Range Testing Target

The beaver tail has been moved up to reduce the height over bore while still maintaining the full functionality of the SIG P320 fire control group. The beaver tail has been profiled to draw the hand into the gun while providing a large surface to aid in reducing the effort to mitigate recoil. The rear profile of the beaver tail has been shaped to reduce catching the web of the user’s hand when gripping the gun promoting quick grip acquisition.

A large trigger guard was kept to ensure use with gloves in cold weather and reprofiled to remove unnecessary features. The Profile of the trigger guard was moved up as high as possible to improve grip index relative to the beavertail while maintaining clearance for the P320 trigger. The tolerancing for the mag release button has been reduced to combat dust ingress.

Grip Texture
Simulated side scales similar to the 1911 are present to stiffen the grip and fill the natural void in the palm of the hand without increasing the front and back strap radii. The front and back strap have been checkered with 25 lines per inch to improve grip without damaging clothing.

Improved magwell design
The grip modules magwell has been profiled to ensure a loaded magazine can be inserted at up to 45 degrees out of rotation, and 20 degrees out of axial  alignment with the magwell.

Magwell Extension
The grip module is capable of accepting an additional flared magwell extension should the user desire. (Coming Soon).

M1811 P320 M18 x300 Ultra

Accessory Rail
A MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail is maintained under the slide in front of the trigger guard. Note, installation of a light, or underbarrel attachment adjusted for a P320 may require a universal mount adapter as the trigger guard has been improved.

M1811 Close Up Safety Cut Out

Factory Compatibility
The grip module is designed to use all factory equipment that comes with a SIG P320: Fire control unit, magazine catch (reversible), slide stop, take down pin. The module accepts factory SIG P320 magazines (9mm) 17rd, and 21rd. The module is compatible with both Safety Selector equipped P320 and without. In order to work with Selector-equipped models, a small cut must be made. An interior outline has been molded into the part to assist with making the cut. We recommend a small rotary tool, such as a Dremel with a 1/8” burr bit. If this modification is not something you would like to perform, we offer it as an additional service which you can select on the store page before adding to cart.

Accessory Compatibility
Due to availability the following holsters have been tested and approved for use with the M1811 Grip Module. However, it should be noted that due to variations in manufacturing Brouwer LLC cannot guarantee full compatibility without some potential modification.




Rapid Force Full Size P320 9mm

M1811 Grip Module Black Toolbox

M1811 is available in Black and Coyote.

MSRP: $89.95

Dealer pricing available upon request, contact: Sales@brouwersolutions.com

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