Magwell Extension for M1811 Grip Module

The Brouwer M1811 Magwell Extension is designed to enhance the already generous magwell of the M1811 Grip Module for the Sig P320. The Magwell extends the margin of error when performing magazine changes by increasing the magwell opening diameter and providing a smooth transition for feeding.

Special consideration was made to ensure that the addition of the Magwell would maintain the same grip index and repeatability of the M1811. In order to achieve this the external profile was designed to minimize impact and interference with the users grip. The rear of the Magwell was designed to fit below the profile of the grip to reduce impact to the users palm swell. The front and sides of the Magwell were designed to offer a secondary index point that cradles the users hand at the bottom of the front strap.

M1811 Grip Module with Magwell and Silicon Carbide
M1811 Magwell with 17 round and 21 round magazines

The Magwell is designed to work with factory 17 round magazines, as well as high capacity magazines without modification.

Material and Finish:
The Magwell Extension is made from 7075-T6 aluminum and is currently offered in three different coatings: Hard Black Anodized, or Anodized with color matched Cerakote in either Coyote or Black.

$74.95 Hard Annodized
$84.95 Hard Annodized with Cerakote

M1811 Grip Module with Magwell Black