What we do

Brouwer Member - Joshua Bennett - East Coast Nationals

Brouwer LLC. was founded as a solutions-based company, to assist the DOD in bridging the communication gap between design and manufacturing, and the warfighter or end-user. Working directly with developmental data-based entities within the DOD and manufacturers throughout the industries to bring to market the best performing equipment such as sights, weapon systems, ammunition, suppressors, optics, range-finding equipment, clothing, packs, essential loadout, etc. Brouwer LLC. is an unbiased resource working as a liaison to help companies produce improved equipment to fit the needs of the end-user. Brouwer LLC. intends to use its experience within the industry to develop and leverage relationships most suited to the product required for the application. Aiding in the delivery of prints, models, manufacturing solutions, and process development, as well as seeing projects through the final steps of testing, guaranteeing the potential optimization has been achieved. Should existing manufacturers decline the opportunity Brouwer LLC. will assume the manufacturing responsibility directly to ensure equipment is available.