Magwell Performance assessment

Performance improvement assessment for Brouwer LLC Magwell Extension.

Evaluation was conducted with three shooters of varying skill level, conducting a shot to shot reload assessment.

  • Matt novice Shooter
  • Blake USPSA C Class Shooter
  • Josh USPSA A Class Shooter

At the time of this evaluation, all participants had no experience with the M1811 with a Magwell.

Each shooter shot one round, performed a slide lock reload, and fired a second shot. The time between the first shot and second shot was recorded (shot split time). This was repeated twenty times, for each shooter, using three different P320 configurations.

To maintain consistency the same Fire control unit and slide from a M18 P320 was used. Barrel length 3.9”, 21 round capacity, KGM trigger, and Align Tactical Magazine release.

  1. Stock Sig Sauer P320 (M18)
  2. Stock Sig Sauer P320 with Brouwer M1811 Grip Module
  3. Stock Sig Sauer P320 with Brouwer M1811 Grip Module & Magwell Extension

Using the stock M18/P320 configuration as a baseline, shooters saw a 1-28% improvement in their shot to shot reload times when compared to the M1811 Grip Module. When used in conjunction with the Magwell extension shooters saw an additional 4-12% improvement on top of that resulting in a cumulative 10 – 34% reduction in time. It is specifically noteworthy that the most improvement recorded was from the most experienced test subject.

Additionally, it should be noted that the standard deviation decreased with the addition of the M1811 Grip Module and Magwell. This indicates that the shooters were more confident, and consistent with their reloads, resulting in faster, more consistent times.