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Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson

USPSA Grand Master – L3578

Brian Nelson has been shooting competitively since his first IDPA match in 2007 – since then, his life has revolved around performing and teaching marksmanship.

As a competitive shooter, Brian holds the classification of Grandmaster in USPSA’s Limited, Carry Optics, Production, and PCC divisions, and has represented the United States on World Championship teams in IPSC Rifle and Shotgun shooting. He is currently a member of the Taran Tactical Innovations Pro Team along with some of the top shooters in the world.

Brian’s “day job” is as the Federal District Director for Scoring Technologies, which provides electronic scoring solutions for military and law enforcement marksmanship research and qualifications. Brian is also the owner of Nelson Performance, providing instruction for SOF, conventional military/LE units, and armed citizens. Prior to founding Nelson Performance, Brian was the Director of Training for the Tactical Performance Center, providing marksmanship training worldwide.  He also founded and currently directs the Hard as Hell MultiGun and Red Oktober Kalashnikov Championship series of shooting competitions.

2023 was a big year for my shooting career. While my focus was on the 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot, the lack of shotgun/3-Gun events in the US kept me competing in a very diverse range of

I competed in two major international events using TTI firearms – the Central European Shotgun Open “Grand Tournament” (PCC and Shotgun) and the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot. I was a member of the US National Team at the World Shoot and the top-placing American in Standard Division.

I competed in my very first USPSA PCC National Championship and despite a bad gun malfunction on the biggest stage (and a general lack of PCC practice), finished in the Top 10.

I placed on the podium of the first USPSA MultiGun Nationals to feature a “Modified” division, with only five days notice and without specialized Modified gear.

I was able to secure division wins at a host of single-gun matches with pistol and rifle, from the DELMARVA Sectional in Virginia to the Bay Area Rifle Championship in Northern California.

Pistol Matches:

● 1st Place Limited, DELMARVA Section Championship (Brouwer P320 x TTI basepads)
● 1st Place Single Stack, Berry’s Steel Open
● 1st Place Carry Optics, Falling Steel World Series (Brouwer P320 x TTI basepads)


● 1st Place PCC Irons, Falling Steel World Series (TR9)
● 2nd Place PCC, Central European Shotgun Open (TR9)
● 9th Place PCC, USPSA Open/PCC Nationals (TR9)


● 1st Place Overall, West Point CWT 2-Gun ((Brouwer P320 x TTI basepads, TR-1)
● 1st Place Race Division, Bay Area Rifle Championship (TR-1)
● 1st Place Classic Division, Red Oktober “Kurtz” Championship
● 2nd Place Grand Tournament, Central European Shotgun Open (TR9, TTI M2)
● 3rd Place Modified Division, USPSA MultiGun Nationals ((Brouwer P320 x TTI basepads,
TTI M2, TR-1)
● 5th Place Standard Division, IPSC World Championship (TTI M2)
● 7th Place Standard Division, Central European Shotgun Open (TTI M2)

For 2024, my focus will be on the Rifle World Shoot in August. Fortunately there are many matches and practice opportunities that dovetail into both US matches and my regular job supporting and training the Department of Defense. I will compete in the Open Division at Rifle World Shoot as well as any 2-/3-Gun matches leading up to the World Shoot. I will also shoot PCC in any available handgun matches with an eye toward performance at both RWS and the PCC Nationals.

Match List 2024 (expanding)

● PCSL Shot Show Aftermath (Competition Division, JAN2024 PCSL 2-Gun)
● IWI World Carbine Shootout (Open Division, MAR2024 Hit Factor Rifle)
● Zoo City Battle for The South (Open Division, APR2024 Outlaw 3-Gun)
2023 Shooting Accomplish…
● Vortex Extreme Rifle Nationals (Open Division, JUN2024, IPSC Rifle in Poland)
● USPSA MultiGun Nationals (Open Division, JUL2024, USPSA MultiGun)
● Rifle World Shoot (Open Division, AUG2024 IPSC Rifle)
● USPSA PCC Nationals (PCC Division, OCT2024, USPSA)

Brian’s thoughts On the Brouwer M1811

“The 1911/2011 pistol dominates the competitive shooting world because, in the arena of performance shooting, that combination of grip shape/angle/trigger makes performance shooting as intuitive as possible. I use the M1811 grip module anywhere a 2011 is not allowed or practical,  because the 1811 is the only solution that makes the grip on a striker-fired handgun correct.  The 1811 module dramatically increases the shootability of a standard P320, more so than any other grip module – it’s like turning it into a completely different gun. On a P320 with good sights, you are getting 90% of 2011 performance with 1/3rd of the maintenance and 1/4th of the cost. I’ve personally used an 1811-equipped P320 to take a few titles this year with the same pistol I use for CCW and military class demonstrations”.

Joshua “Carde B” Cardenas

USPSA Grand Master A134400

Known as “Carde B”, Josh is an active duty Marine stationed in Quantico, Virginia.  His first experience in competition was in 2019 where he participated in the Marine Corps Marksmanship Competition in Okinawa, Japan. He was selected that same year as a Summer Augment for the Marine Corps Shooting Team. Primarily shooting 3Gun for 3 months before returning to the fleet. Due to obligations to the Marine Corps, it took 2 years until he was able to start competing again, shooting his first USPSA match in 2021. He received orders to the Marine Corps Shooting Team and focused primarily in the Carry Optics division, earning the classification of Grand Master in just 5 months.

Josh’s current daily job is an instructor and program manager for the Marksmanship Program Management Section in Quantico, Virginia. He volunteered to leave the Marine Corps Shooting Team to pursue the instructor route within his Battalion.

“The Marine Corps has been teaching the same method of marksmanship for over 120 years. I chose to leave the competition “focused” job because I wanted to make an impact on the Corps. The Advanced Marksmanship Training Program was created to implement a higher level of marksmanship training, starting at entry level schools. It implements practical shooting and develops incorruptible gun handling skills, in order to increase confidence and lethality. Brian Nelson with Scoring Technologies provides us with our method of recording data and we utilize “Hit Factor” to quantify a Marine’s performance.

Even with the change of pace at work, I still focus on competition shooting. This was my first year volunteering at major matches and I have a better appreciation for the work that goes into creating/hosting a large event. Even though I enjoy shooting matches, I find it important to give back in some way and a lot can be learned from volunteering.”

Josh’s competitive highlights from the 2022-23 season:

1st Place Carry Optics, USPSA Ohio State CODA Evolution Buckeye Blast

1st Place Carry Optics, USPSA Battle For The North Coast

1st Place NVG Tactical Pistol, RPGI Tri-State Blackout Match

3rd Place PCC, Caribbean Open

1st Place NVG Pistol / NVG PCC, RPGI Day n Night

1st Place PCC, USPSA DELMARVA Section Championship

2nd Place PCC, USPSA Area 6 Championship

1st Place PCC, USPSA NH State

1st Place PCC, USPSA Area 1 Championship

2nd Place Limited Optics, USPSA Battle For The North Coast

“Carde B”s thoughts On the Brouwer M1811

“I chose to run the 1811 grip module for the first time at the 2023 Carry Optics Nationals. I’ve always preferred the “1911” angle and the grip provided an intuitive shooting experience. It increased the shootability of the P320 than any of the modules that I’ve used before. I use an M18 at work and its hard not being allowed to slap the module on, knowing full well that I would have an increase in performance.”

Dustin Rademacher

USPSA Production and Limited Master, A61729

Veteran, SFC, 1st Ranger Battalion, 2001-2012

4 Iraq Deployments, 4 Afghanistan Deployments

Photographer and Shooting Instructor

IG: @dv.rademacher

Dustin’s thoughts On the Brouwer M1811

The M1811 grip module sits in the hand better than any other P320 option out there. The module is much less blocky than any of the OEM or other aftermarket options out there, and gives your P320 that single-stack 1911 feel. For me, with the M1811 module installed, the gun points and tracks much better than any OEM option.

Brouwer LLC listens to their customers, and I’m excited to see that shooters now have many choices with grip color, texture options, and magwells.