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M1811 Grip Module – Coyote


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Compatibility: Sig Sauer P320 9mm / 357 sig / 40

The M1811 Grip Module is compatible with SIG P320 models equipped with and without the Safety Selector. All modules ship without the cutout for the Safety Selector, however, a recess has been added inside the module to assist in guiding the cutout. A rotary tool with a 1/8″ burr bit is preferred. See our product details page for more info.

If you would like Brouwer LLC to perform the Safety Selector cut out for you, please select it from the drop-down below, and allow 2-3 additional days for processing.

In stock

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The Brouwer M1811 grip module corrects the main ergonomic issues with the p320 platform – high bore axis, rounded slippery grip, short beavertail. The modern M1911 pistol is the standard for shooting performance, control, and ergonomics. The overall grip shape, feel, and design of the modern 1911 has not been replicated until now. With the design of the SIG P320 series, we were able to bring some of that performance and control to polymer pistols.

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Weight 0.29375 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1.5 × 10 in

Black, Coyote

67 reviews for M1811 Grip Module – Coyote

Based on 67 reviews
  1. Juwan (verified owner)

    When I picked up the module, I immediately started smiling! The presentation is great and I absolutely love it! Awesome product!

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  2. Stanislav S. (verified owner)

    Great grip!👍🏼👍🏼

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  3. chang l. (verified owner)

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  4. Eugene (verified owner)

    The only thing I can say is that it’s excellent!

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  5. James Tippens (verified owner)

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  6. Scott S. (verified owner)

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  7. Michael (verified owner)

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  8. Ethan (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of this grip style (see my comment on the laser engraved version) if I could get this one to run drills at home with my airsoft p320 I would.

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  9. Scott Godwin (verified owner)

    Very tight fit. Better than SIG’s own. Great color, looks perfect. Feels really good in my hand. I tend to wear large gloves, that I wet to stretch out.

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  10. David H. (verified owner)

    Feels nice!

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  11. Ryan K. (verified owner)

    Took some muscle and a few taps to seat the FCU properly in its back groove, after I got it in and worked the action a few times everything seems to be ok.

    Image #1 from Ryan K.
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  12. Matthew C. (verified owner)

    Love the grip module.

    Image #1 from Matthew C.
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  13. Joseph (verified owner)

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  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  15. Nicholas M. (verified owner)

    Super stoked to start this build, i already have an m18 but i decided i want to build out another one on top of this frame. Shout out garand thumb for sponsoring my poor financial decisions

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  16. Spencer Firpo (verified owner)

    The Brouwer m1811 grip is a spectacular improvement over the stock p320 grip. The ergonomics of the 1911 style grip and the high beaver tail make this a joy to shoot.This grip also improves your accuracy due to better grip placement on the firearm. They also provide a service for the manual safety cut and did a fantastic job with that. The only drawback is I personally wish that I had gotten a model with better grip texture it. The base model is a little slick so pony up and spend the extra money on the grip texture they offer you will not regret it. Other than that I’m very impressed with the design quality and product.

    Image #1 from Spencer Firpo
    Image #2 from Spencer Firpo
    Image #3 from Spencer Firpo
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  17. James P. (verified owner)

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  18. Eugene (verified owner)

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  19. Aaron (verified owner)

    Amazing feel!

    Image #1 from Aaron
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  20. Hayden D. (verified owner)

    First off, I ordered the wrong color, sent an email about switching it and not but 45 minutes or so later I was emailed back that they changed it for me no problem. As for the item, what can I say, it’s great. High quality, feels great, and fits everything I put into it. Took it out yesterday and can officially say, this is my new favorite grip.

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  21. Sebastian Bila (verified owner)

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  22. Bryant (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the money. I was a little hesitant at first cause I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the feel or not. Even after installing I didn’t know if I liked but after shooting it I love it. 10/10 would recommend. The plain grip isn’t too slick either. Will probably add my own grip tape down the line.

    Image #1 from Bryant
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  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m not really a fan of the P320, this is the only one I own. This grip seems to have made it a gun I might like now. It feels very nice in my hand. The price for the stippling that I opted for while it’s nice isn’t worth it and I probably wouldn’t pay it again. Over all I’m happy with the product, i just spent too much on it.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
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  24. Nikolay D. (verified owner)

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  25. TJ Rabe (verified owner)

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  26. Andrew (verified owner)

    Fitment is perfect, though I didn’t read the fine print and my compact 15 round mags don’t work with it, had to order 17 rounders. The grip feels fantastic in the hand it points very well, mold lines are visible but well relieved wish there was a compact grip option.

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  27. Michael R. (verified owner)

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  28. Josh A. (verified owner)

    I had to have one in both colors. Best grip for my 320.

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  29. Brandon (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and the grip module is a great upgrade for the platform!, I fits in the hand like a glove for me, and the ergonomics significantly improve with this grip module!!

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  30. Robert (verified owner)

    Love the feel of the grip. It seemed a tad slippery for my taste so I stippled it.

    Image #1 from Robert
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  31. Paul Sperandeo (verified owner)

    The m1811 grip module helps me better control my p320. Love the quality.

    Image #1 from Paul Sperandeo
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  32. Clarence B. (verified owner)

    Love this products, A Little Pricey, But its worth the Money

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  33. Joshua Y. (verified owner)

    Excellent Grip Module; one of the best for the P320 in my opinion. Tight FCU fit, excellent quality, and excellent ergos. Also fits all my P320 holsters. If you want to go another step up beyond the Wilson grip module, like the 1911/2011 grip angle, and/or have larger hands, I cannot recommend this enough.

    Image #1 from Joshua Y.
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  34. Benjamin (verified owner)

    The turnaround time was pretty slow, I was communicated with but It took a few weeks to get to me. The other thing is that my surefire x300 light didnt fit.. so I had to scrape off some of the polymer to make the picatinny fit. Not sure if that was supposed to be that way but it was a pain.

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  35. Paul S. (verified owner)

    The M1811 fits much better in my hand than any of the other modules I’ve tried. I did have to trim down some of the baseplates on my older mags to fit, but it was no big deal.

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  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent grip, love it!

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  37. Ricky Q. (verified owner)

    Awesome grip, with P320 extended mags they will need to be trimmed to be able to fit but that’s no big deal and an easy fix, fits perfect in my alien gear tan tactical holster and the shipping and any questions I had got answered extremely fast!

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  38. Tyler H. (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service and fast shipping…..oh and hands down the best polymer grip module offered for the p320. Now just make a grip module for the p365 pleeeeeease!!!

    Image #1 from Tyler H.
    Image #2 from Tyler H.
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  39. Michael (verified owner)

    This is an awesome grip that has improved my shooting ability and is an easy and professional modification. I hope it spreads and I will be recommending it everywhere.

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  40. Shane (verified owner)

    This thing…this thing is where it’s at. I have tried most Sig P320 Grip Modules on the market, put lots of rounds through them, and none of them come close to the M1811. So I do have a small spot in my heart where 1911’s hangout and like to remind me that even though I won’t carry them again, that they still are pure American sexy. Well, I have a few 320’s that I carry majority of the time now, one of them being an M17 with the Safety deleted, TLR-1HL, and rocking a flat faced trigger. I always wanted a 1911 to be a bit lighter to carry, and hold more rounds and what better way to do that, then to get one of these modules! Sure enough, as soon as I get it, took it to the range for a few hundred rounds of a burn down and accuracy test to make sure she functions properly. At the end of that range session, I came to the conclusion that this is the only Grip Module I will run on my M17, and it will be my main carry because of it. I do carry AIWB and the grip is nice and thin (but like a good 1911 it still fills the hand) and doesn’t print at all. For anyone looking to get a Light-Bearing AIWB holster that will fit that combo, Eclipse Holsters’ Siruis will work just fine. The grip module is great homie’s thanks!

    Image #1 from Shane
    Image #2 from Shane
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  41. Zachary (verified owner)

    This grip fixes many of the problems with the P320 platform. The grip angle is comfortable and was very easy to swap out. The manual safety cut was perfectly done.

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  42. Charles Andrasko (verified owner)

    This is a great grip. So comfortable and as a 1911 shooter very familiar. The p320 grip is a bit to vertical for me. Wish you had more colors though. Maybe a light grey.

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  43. RADHAMES (verified owner)

    It was just amazing. The fit was perfect and the grip angle made everything just work. It helped with the dot acquisition. Since i have a X-compact slide, i cut the excess grip and it worked out perfectly. Thanks to Matthew for all his help and answering all my questions which I’m sure he gets fifty times a day. Perfect product. I’m getting the black one next.

    Image #1 from RADHAMES
    Image #2 from RADHAMES
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  44. Dakota (verified owner)

    Very well made and easy to install. A little slick but that was easily fixed with some grip tape. Looking forward to the magwells being available!

    Image #1 from Dakota
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  45. Charles (verified owner)

    It’s fantastic. Do it now. Why are you still reading this? Did you buy it? Buy it. Now. I got one without the extra grippy stuff in it and dropped in my mag release and it’s…yûss. It’s what the M18 shoulda been from the factory. Bröthêrs, it’s worth the money.

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  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  47. Thomas G. (verified owner)

    The silicone inserts make this grip module a winner!

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  48. Mason L. (verified owner)

    This is a MUST in regards to upgrading your P320. Even with the weight of a stock Legion X5 grip, this one blows it out of the water.

    Image #1 from Mason L.
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  49. James V. (verified owner)

    I love this grip! Much better than the stock M17 grip.

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  50. Joshua P. (verified owner)

    Overall the finish is nice. Would have liked it to be tackier or a more aggressive grip texture from the factory but I see now they have the option to w hence the grip texture. It definitely feels good in the hand and points very naturally. Installation was a breeze but that’s to be expected. My only concern is that there is something off in the tolerances around the FCU and there is something causing the trigger to bind up and the grip module does not let the trigger reset properly. I’m going to have to heat it up or carefully smooth out the inside to allow for free movement of the trigger bar. Once that’s accomplished I will be extremely pleased with the grip. Good price point too.

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    • mtibbits (store manager)


      Thank you for your feedback, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues, what you are experiencing should not happen. I will reach out via e-mail and lets get this fixed!

  51. Aaron (verified owner)

    This grip is amazing, it completely changes the feel of my p320. I have the m18, x grip, tungsten infused, and Wilson combat grip modules and this is by far the absolute best one. The only criticism I have, and it is extremely minor, is I with the texture on the sides was as aggressive as the front and back. However, it is thick enough that you could send it off to be stippled. 100% would recommend.

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  52. Alexis N. (verified owner)

    Love it.

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  53. Joseph (verified owner)

    Excellent and product and extremely great customer service!

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  54. Robert (verified owner)

    Awesome product 👌 for me its comfortable was able to get good control and handling when I took it out to the range. I’d recommend it to friends and family

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  55. Stephen Harmon (verified owner)

    I would give this product a 100 out of 5 if I could. Handling feels great, waiting for the magwell extension to drop but this is the best grip/frame for a 320 I’ve ever dealt with!

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  56. Jason (verified owner)

    Only fault was the mag release but still 10/10 would recommend

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  57. Ryan Kuperus (verified owner)

    Great product!

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  58. David Liwanag (verified owner)

    My opinion and preference for the P320/M17/M18 completely changed for the better with this grip. My hand is on the small side of medium and the pistol now fits very much like a 1911. The SIG X-grip was better than stock, but not as nice as the Brouwer.

    With a trigger job and Apex trigger bar it now breaks at a clean, crisp 4.25 pounds — no more “Staple gun” break.

    The 1811 grip and trigger job make this a VERY worthy (and much more reasonably-priced) competitor to the Staccato and Prodigy — from someone who has carried a Government Model for almost 50 years.

    My son set up his Camp Perry M17 with a Brouwer grip with the new textured surfaces (photo is original grip before texture):

    Image #1 from David Liwanag
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  59. John Schwertfeger (verified owner)

    This product is awesome. The 320 is a great platform but the factory grips feel like you are holding a potatoe. This solves that and makes the 320 really come into its own

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  60. Gatlin (verified owner)

    The 1911esque feel of the weapon is superb, the stock grip is absolute garbagio next to this. 10/10 would buy again.

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  61. David F. (verified owner)

    Great feeling grip! The trigger guard is too Beefy to work with most holsters, but with a little modification it works well.

    Image #1 from David F.
    Image #2 from David F.
    Image #3 from David F.
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  62. Kip (verified owner)

    Great grip, instantly enhanced shooting performance and feel!

    Image #1 from Kip
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  63. Brian B. (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised by both the quality of the product and the excellent customer service!

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  64. Rayhan S. (verified owner)

    Overall improved grip, not a fan of how slick the grip feels, some texturing would’ve been idea to really sucker down that grip. But this is by far one the best modules to have come out for this platform. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

    Image #1 from Rayhan S.
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  65. flyingbfarm (verified owner)

    Won a P320 M18 in a raffle draw, I had shot one before and was “meh” I’ve been a 1911 and a 2011 guy lately and I saw this grip module and ordered it. And wow, it’s changed the whole dynamic of this platform for me. Fit and finish is top notch, color is as close to perfect as the factory as possible. The overall aesthetic is nice. I had a little trouble with my mag release and it being a little stiff but it will wear in I’m sure. Y’all definitely have an awesome product with this one. I’m telling anyone that has a 320 to check it out. Well done 👍🏻
    bigmikeky_ on Instagram

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  66. robertwil18 (verified owner)

    The M1811 Grip Module is a solid and well crafted alternative for the stock Sig grip module. The 1911 style grip angle points very naturally and offers some decent checking front and back of the grip. The coyote coloring matches the M18 very well and I’m looking forward to shooting it more. I do have a couple things I would have liked to see, and hope may be integrated into a v2.

    Firstly, as this could be a great replacement or the M18 and an option that could be marketed to military units, I wish the grip checkering and grip and the side panels was just slightly more aggressive to assist in gripping the gun with wet, dirty, or gloved hands. Next, I would like to see the ability to utilize the grip weights from either the TXG module or Wilson Combat modules to add some weight depending on end-user preference for weight and some degree of felt recoil mitigation, which was one of the main benefits of the TXG grip.

    Overall, an amazing product, and a great upgrade for those looking to utlize a grip with the 1911 grip angle and integrated flared magwell. Looking forward to future iterations of this product as well as continuing to run this one hard.

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  67. waterdog125 (verified owner)

    This is a really well built grip module the tan color matches the stock sig coyote grip module very well. I purchased one to try specifically on my Sig P250 and it works! It will not work with the original, pre upgraded sig fat trigger from the P250, however it does work well with both the sig lightened (M17/18) style thin trigger and the sig flat faced trigger. The grip does not come with the Magazine Release so you will need to purchase one of those separately. This Grip works with the Sig P250 Fire Control Units as long as you also upgrade the trigger away from the stock fat trigger, for a hammer fired M1811 style firearm.

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