M1811 Grip Mod – Deep Laser Engraved

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This is the most aggressive texture option we offer. The grip panels of the M1811 are carefully laser engraved by Nevada Cerakote to modify the M1811 to provide a very grippy surface. This option is recommended for users looking for a deep texture that locks their hand in.

Choose between:

Two Tone Color:
Coyote with Black Panels
OD Green with Black Panels

Single Color:
All Black
All Grey

If an option is backordered, rest assured it will be back in stock in 2-3 weeks. And as always, feel free to contact us at sales@brouwersolutions.com for updates.

Compatibility: Sig Sauer P320 9mm / 357 sig / 40


Special update: Due to current high demand, lead times have been extended to 3-4 weeks. 


Laser Engraved M1811 Grip Module
Please select one of the color options below.
1 × Laser Engraved OD Green

Available on backorder

1 × Laser Engraved Grey

Available on backorder

1 × Laser Engraved Coyote

Available on backorder

1 × Laser Engraved Black

Available on backorder

Magazine Release
If you would like us to install a magazine release for you, please select one below. Make sure to select the correct left hand or right hand dominant installation. A right handed installation will place the button on the left side of the M1811.
1 × OEM Sig Magazine Release - Right Hand

In stock

1 × OEM Sig Magazine Release - Left Hand

In stock

Align Tactical Magazine Release
1 × Align Tactical Offset Extended Magazine Release - Right Hand

In stock

Cut Out Service
If your P320 Fire Control Unit (FCU) has a safety selector, the M1811 is designed to be easily modified with an 1/8" bicut carbide bit and a dremel. Just follow the inset depression on the inside of the module. However, if this is a modification that you would prefer we make for you, select it from the option below.
M1811 Close Up Safety Cut Out
1 × Safety Selector Cut out Service
If you would like us to install a magwell for you select it from the below options.

Backorder update: Next production run of Magwells will be shipping 12/19/2023.
1 × M1811 Grip Module Magwell - Hard Black Annodized

Available on backorder

1 × M1811 Grip Module Magwell - Annodized + Cerakote Coyote

Available on backorder

1 × M1811 Grip Module Magwell - Annodized + Cerakote Black

Available on backorder



The Brouwer M1811 grip module corrects the main ergonomic issues with the p320 platform – high bore axis, rounded slippery grip, short beavertail. The modern M1911 pistol is the standard for shooting performance, control, and ergonomics. The overall grip shape, feel, and design of the modern 1911 has not been replicated until now. With the design of the SIG P320 series, we were able to bring some of that performance and control to polymer pistols.

Requires: 17 round minimum magazines, and magazine release (if not added).

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 1.75 in

Black, Coyote

39 reviews for M1811 Grip Mod – Deep Laser Engraved

Based on 39 reviews
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  1. Tim K. (verified owner)

    Bought this to see if I liked the grip “style” more than my dh3 and x5 legion .. before I ordered one of the steel versions … I’ll be ordering a steel version .. this thing is amazing .. much easier to pick up the dot when I draw .. amazing difference .. and amazing customer service.. and crazy fast shipping …

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  2. Aaron K. (verified owner)

    Awesome grip. Texture feels good in hand. It’s a little aggressive, but is still comfortable. I noticed smoother recoil and was able to have quicker follow up shots by lowering the bore. The magwell also was a plus. It locks your hand in place as well as makes reloading quicker and easier. Also looks great. Overall I would definitely recommend this grip module.

    Image #1 from Aaron K.
    Image #2 from Aaron K.
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  3. Alex Krieger (verified owner)

    Just shot at the range with it for the first time. It’s awesome, buy one.

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  4. Michael (verified owner)

    Dream set up! High quality grip and finish. Will be buying one for my wife!

    Image #1 from Michael
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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  6. Derrik T. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this grip module, fits like a firm handshake. The finish is nice and I am a huge fan of the laser engraving. Had an issue on my end with what I ordered, got an email back and the issue was solved. Will defiantly come by again and maybe get the steel one next…

    Image #1 from Derrik T.
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  7. Steve (verified owner)

    Best grip module for the P320, by far. Fits well in my 4 Brothers holster also.

    Image #1 from Steve
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  8. Matthew F. (verified owner)

    Feels amazing in your hand. Very easy to swap components over to the new grip. Fits perfect in all my holsters.

    Image #1 from Matthew F.
    Image #2 from Matthew F.
    Image #3 from Matthew F.
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  9. Hadar C. (verified owner)

    Super slick, great feel. Fits in hand just like my 1911, feels just right with the magwell. Ceracoating made the FCU a little snug to get in but other than that, fit is great. Laser texture is as good as any stipple job. 17rd factory mag fits perfectly, as does factory 21 and aftermarket extended mags. Would highly recommend.

    Image #1 from Hadar C.
    Image #2 from Hadar C.
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  10. Garrett Scott (verified owner)

    Amazing grip feel and fixes many of the problems I and others have had with the SIG P320. 11/10 Would 100% recommend to anyone.

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  11. Brian (verified owner)

    Amazing looking/feeling grip module. Definitely a bit pricey for what it is and took over a month to deliver from purchase date but still very satisfied with what I received. Laser engraving is just the right amount of texturing. Note: installation in the CA model was tricky. After dremeling out the safety reliefs there was a lot of resistance and was a very VERY tight fit. Felt like there was something blocking it from seating. After about 30 mins of trying to figure out where it was snagging, I still had no luck. As I was about to give it a break, still not sure what happened, but it just slid into place. Still tight, but seated correctly now. Functioned checked. Works and feels great. Would definitely recommend 100% if someone could tell me how to get the fcu in correctly and if I was doing something wrong lol. Worried I’ll have the same issue if I try and take it out so no plans to do that anytime soon. Thank you Brouwer for an amazing product!

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  12. Jacob K. (verified owner)

    An absolutely incredible upgrade to the Sig P320. The pistol presents so much easier and consistently. The red dot/irons are always right where you want them, and they won’t move around with the extra grip texture. It feels like a whole new pistol and is better than any Sig legion grip, or any factory Sig grip for that matter. Fits in my TRex and Safariland holsters. Great customer service as well.

    Image #1 from Jacob K.
    Image #2 from Jacob K.
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  13. Jocent T. (verified owner)

    The product works and feels great.

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  14. Dennis Creighton (verified owner)

    Awesome quality, great turn around time. Thanks guys, I needed to do something with my sig FCU since I can’t use my flux raider right now. Looks like I’m gonna have to buy another FCU for my flux when I can use it because I love this group module so much lol. Thanks again

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  15. Edward (verified owner)

    Amazing!! This grip angle actually helps me pick up my red dot faster. Solid as a rock, and feels great in hand. It really makes the m18 a better gun.

    Image #1 from Edward
    Image #2 from Edward
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  16. Joshua Y. (verified owner)

    Worth the wait, and every penny, the best feeling grip I have ever felt in my hand.. hands down, great quality, great product, great customer service.

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  17. Cristian F. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this grip module, all my friends have recently ordered one and we cant see getting another 320 without this

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  18. Ryan Krieps (verified owner)

    Fit my hand like a glove

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  19. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Hands down the best thing I could have gotten for my P320. Completely changed the grip and and now it shoots like a dream. I would fully recommend this to anyone with a 320.

    Image #1 from Nicholas
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  20. Wayne (verified owner)

    The grip feels and looks great. It’s a huge improvement over the stock grip on the m18. Fits in all my 320 holsters as well. I highly recommend this grip module for anyone looking for an upgrade!

    Image #1 from Wayne
    Image #2 from Wayne
    Image #3 from Wayne
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  21. Michael Seman (verified owner)

    I love it. Fits my hand perfectly.

    Image #1 from Michael Seman
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  22. David D. (verified owner)

    Amazing!! Absolutely the best decision, improved the firearm to a great fit and shooting experience! 100% recommended for the p320 platform! The best modifications to your pistol!

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  23. Josh K. (verified owner)

    Upon being told that the Sig P320 was the recommended duty sidearm I already thought…here we go. I am an Sig fan but I have never thought of them as duty grade. Once I picked one up I did a good once over and was surprised and disappointed all at the same time. It went bang, was accurate but felt like hot garbage in my hand and the trigger might as well had not existed. Another company guided through the trigger process and upgrade which was easy and they actually recommended I look at Brouwer Solutions for a grip module. I thought wait Wilson Combat makes one….theirs has to be great. I almost ordered it but decided to look at Brouwer first. Man am I glad I did! This completely changes the cheap bloated feel the M18 had out of the box. It feels sturdy and high quality now. This is what Sig should have put on from the get go. I am amazed how much better the recoil control is and the point of impact consistency. I don’t shoot for points so no times or split times here but for dead ass combat effective hits. Brouwer changed the game!

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  24. Terrance G. (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and customer service. So much better than the stock Sig Sauer grip module for the P320 X-Compact RXP.

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  25. Louie Ayento (verified owner)

    Great grip module! The angle ergonomic is perfect, the stippling is right, overall this product just feels perfect in the hand and the price is very reasonable. One of the best upgrade in the Sig P320.

    Image #1 from Louie Ayento
    Image #2 from Louie Ayento
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  26. Michael L. (verified owner)

    I own two of these. I wish they were available sooner, and I will own more in the future. Customer service is top tier. For example, on my first order I made a mistake and was contacted by one of the owners to confirm, enough said there. These frames aren’t cheap, yet have nothing to be desired. The fit, feel, and finish on every product I own has been hard as fuck. Kudos to Brouwer for not only reaching the standard, but surpassing it and setting a new one. Don’t take my word for it, fucking send it. It’s the last frame you’ll ever have to buy.

    Image #1 from Michael L.
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  27. William M. (verified owner)

    significant cerakote overspray on the inside of the frame

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  28. Kroeksak (verified owner)

    Exceeded all expectations.

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  29. Karl H. (verified owner)

    Haven’t shot with it yet, but great feel in the hand, looks amazing, trigger assembly and slide fits up nicely, and customer service was outstanding through the whole ordering process

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  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love the feel and texture of the frame. The cerakote is great, and the laser-engraved grip is a MUST.

    I have elected to give this a 4 because the tolerances are tight. Not often a bad thing, but when I placed my FCU in, it was so tight that the trigger lost its ability to reset. I reached out for help, and customer service was always 10/10. I am still working through the tight fit issue, and I believe it will work out. I guess that is what training is for. I highly recommend this grip frame and Brouwer Solutions.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Image #4 from Anonymous
    Image #5 from Anonymous
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  31. Jacob G. (verified owner)

    I ordered this the day I found out it existed. Lead time was about six weeks as stated on the website. I’m good with waiting for something if that expectation is established before purchase.

    Quality is top notch and I’m going to be ordering one without the magwell for my edc.

    Stripped down one of my x5 legions for the parts, and I’m very happy with how it performs. I’m about 500 rounds into it, and I’m a brouwer m1811 fanboy now.

    Image #1 from Jacob G.
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  32. John David Mullenhour (verified owner)

    The only way to have a 320

    Image #1 from John David Mullenhour
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  33. Aaron H. (verified owner)

    Amazing people to work with. I wish every company had the amazing customer service that these guys do. Amazing products as well.

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  34. Garrett C. (verified owner)

    Great grip mod for the P320

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  35. Sergio H. (verified owner)

    Great quality product, feels great in the hand and the high beaver tail sits perfect. Feels really solid and looks great

    Image #1 from Sergio H.
    Image #2 from Sergio H.
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  36. Justin (verified owner)

    Love the laser texturing great in the naked hand and works ever better with glove. Love the grip mod!

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  37. Chester C. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny, Very aggressive grip yet it hasn’t torn up my hands. Was very suprised at how well it fit my hand, and how well it points on the draw.

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  38. Karl Thornton (verified owner)

    Awesome Grip! Perfect for the build I was looking for. Even better that they are from my home town!

    Image #1 from Karl Thornton
    Image #2 from Karl Thornton
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  39. Chaim (verified owner)

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